Compare Us

compare usIn this section we have highlighted why Judicial Process & Support service offering stands out from the crowd. Take a look at the table below to review how we will exceed your expectations.

   Judicial Support  Sheriff  Private Servers
Orders   Free Same Day Pickups  No pickups  Sometimes
 Speed  Multiple Service LevelsAttempted within 3-5 Days;Same day for rush jobs


 One Service Level3-4 Weeks   Usually 5-15 Days
Quality Control Checks   Yes  None  No
Attempts   Unlimited  Only 3 Max  Usually 3 Max
Web Tracking   Yes + Advanced Searching  No  Sometimes
Flat Rate Pricing   Yes  + Bulk Special Pricing  No  No
Customer Service   Dedicated Account Manager  No  Sometimes
Payment Method   Monthly Billing  Pay in advance  Pay in advance usually
Witness Fee Advancement   Yes  No  No
Surveillance   Yes  No  Sometimes
Software Forms   Yes  No  No