Frequently Asked Questions | Judicial Process & Support

Outlined below are some of the most common questions asked related to service of process.
If you don’t find a answer below, give us a call at 1-800-852-5002.

Summons FAQ

1) Does every state have a $10 Fee Per Summons to be issued in State Court?

Answer: Not every state has this fee in place. Florida does charge this fee

1) Who is the $10 Fee Per Summons to be issued in Florida State Court?

Answer: Checks are payable to “Clerk of Courts”

2) What is the required filing fee amount?

Answer: It varies by state and type of case. Call the court where your case will take place and they will be able to identify the exact amount.

Subpenas FAQ

1) Do I need to include a witness fee check if I am only requesting documents, and not requesting the individual to appear in court?

Answer: No witness fee is required in this situation.

2) What is the witness fee cost?

Answer: It varies by type of case. Federal Court is $40 flat rate plus .35 cents per mile and Florida State Court is a $5 flat rate plus .06 cents per mile. Non-Florida State Court cases fees vary by state. Consult with the court in that state to determine the fee. These fees apply unless they fall into the category of the question below.

3) If the document is to be served in Florida and the witness resides in the same county that we’re requesting him/her to appear in, is the fee the same?

Answer: The fee is flat rate of $7.50 for State Court and $45.00 for Federal Court.

4) Who is the witness fee check payable to?

Answer: Witness fee check is payable to the person being served.

Turnaround Time FAQ

1) When does the turnaround time start?

Answer: It starts when we receive the documents. For cases outside of a direct Judicial Support office area, please allow mailing time to our affiliate server.

2) What is “Sub-Service”?

Answer: When we can deliver/serve the documents to either a “Registered Agent” or any person at the given location

3) What is “Personal Service”?

Answer: When we must deliver/serve the document to ONLY one person in particular