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Our translations experts specialize in legal documents for law firms and legal departments around the world. Our team can translate any legal document on-demand.

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No matter the size of your project we get it done. Judicial Process & Support, Inc, policy is to have 100% customer satisfaction and this is a vital part of our company’s belief. We offer over 100 languages and dialects to choose from. All of our translation services include proofreading and a certified stamp of approval. For high-quality translation services and the best rates possible please contact our office for a free quote.

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Below are the most frequently asked questions

Turnaround times vary based on project size and complexity. We like to use the rule of thumb of 2500-3000 words can be translated per day per translator. Depending on the size of the project depending on the number of linguists working on it. You also have to incorporate editing, proofreading, desktop planning and certification time as well to ensure your document has the highest level of quality.
Ex: Birth/Death Certification English to Spanish – 1-2 Days
Ex: 100 Page International Contract – 10-20 Days

At Judicial all of our translators, editors, proofreaders, and supporting staff have prior legal experience. Here ay Judicial our mottos is By Legal Pros, For Legal Pros. You can rest assured that all of our translators and editors have extensive experience translating legal text. Not only does your documentation go through a three-step process -> translator ->editor – > proofreader — it will also get certified at the end with a proper notarization and an Apostille if required.

In the translation industry, it is common to have a per word or per page rate, However, all our quotes start from $75. We have a minimum charge since the translation process will need at least three individuals (translator, editor and proofreader) to finalize the final product.

The process is quite simple. You submit online by clicking here and submitting your documents with instructions on what language you require to be translated. We will provide the best quote possible!

An experienced translator will make sure that the content of your source document does not change when translating the document. The experienced translator has extensive knowledge in that specific field and in most cases has multiple certifications with years of experience. A human translator in most cases is needed to make sure that any machine translation is adequate.

When documents are being translated for international service or for Court — it is always best to have a non-interested party do the translation. The client might be able to handle the job well, however, as an interested party, the translation may not be precise. Knowing how to speak and write does not necessarily make you a good translator. In addition, in order to use your translation abroad or in Court you will need a Certificate of Translation. This Certificate is signed by either the official translator or the company doing the translation.