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A Complete Guide To International Service in China

administrator - 11 Oct 2019
11 Oct 2019

A Complete Guide To International Service in China

It’s not unusual for a US company to be involved in litigation with non-US based trade partners. Increasingly, it’s also more common for individuals to be involved in multinational cases for family law matters including divorces and child custody. In a domestic case with a US Court, a Summons is served, the other party is notified of the litigation, and the case proceeds. This is true of any type of litigation in the United States. The rules change when the defendant is in a foreign country, and where US law doesn’t apply. If your other party is in China, regardless of whether it’s a business or an individual they must be served using the Hague Convention process. Process serving is a completely differ...

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5 Tips for Picking the Best Law Office Couch

administrator - 7 May 2019
7 May 2019

5 Tips for Picking the Best Law Office Couch

When it comes to furnishing your law office, one often overlooked essential piece of furniture is the trusty ole law office couch. If you have the space, it’s right up there with a coffee maker in terms of importance.

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