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The Hague Convention

Let us get your papers served using the Hague Convention

Whether you are serving a German company or serving an individual for a dissolution of marriage in Turkey -- JPS can help! Our company has a dedicated international team that will prepare the package from A to Z.

If your service requires certified legal translation we can also assist. Allowing us to be a one-stop solution for law firms.

If you would like more information please feel free to call, email or chat with us today.

Inter-American Convention

Inter-American Convention

Get your legal documents served international

The Inter-American Convention came into effect in 1975, 10 years after the Hague.

If you want to serve legal documents in countries such as Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and many others you will need to proceed through this convention.

If you would like to see the full list of countries please click below. If you would like more information please feel free to give us a call, email or chat today.

Channels of international process serving

Letters of Rogatory

We cover all channels of international process serving

If you need to serve legal documents in countries not covered in The Hague or Inter-American Convention then you will need to go through the State Department.

This process is a bit more time consuming and complex but our experts at JPS have done this plenty of times. You can see some of our successful services below.

If you have any questions please give us a call, email or chat today.

Judicial Process and Support Expert

Private Process Server

Get your papers served using a private process server or attorney in a foreign country

This is the informal method and not normally advised but in certain occasions it is necessary.

If interested or would like to learn more please give us a call or email.

The Process

Quote Requested
Quote Requested

During this stage, you will provide all documents and we will implement a strategy to complete your project.

Project Launch
Project Launch

Our team has begun working on the project and we will handle everything else from here.

Deliver Project
Deliver Project

At this point, documents have been sent over to the country and we have received a response. Service Complete!

Expert team at Judicial Support

How To Get Started?

Ready to take the next step and get your papers served?

If you have already taken the time to see our successful case studies of services we have completed all over the world and our 5-star Google reviews, then please give us a call, email or chat today!

P.S. If your country's official language is not English you will need translation, see below for more details.

Certified Legal

We can translate and certify your documents in over 100+ languages!

When serving under The Hague or Inter-American Convention you must translate the documents if the country's official language is not English. This is required because the Central Authority or the Foreign Courts will review the documents in their official language. Please take a look at the next page to see what languages we translate.

Judicial Process & Support Inc., is part of the American Translators Association and has over 1,000 translators internationally. We are your one-stop solution, we can handle getting the papers translated, served and back to you.

Video Case Study

Watch Our Successful Service to The United Kingdom

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Video Case Study

Watch Our Successful Service to Germany

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Below are the most frequently asked questions

Yes, you may contact JPS anytime at Global@JudicialSupport.com or (305) 347-3353. Status inquiries will be responded to within 48 hours.
It is always best to email us directly since we will have to review your file in order to provide the most current update.

The Central Authority is that office designated by the Government to process your international request for service.

When serving a business or individual in a foreign country — you must first see what treaty applies to that country — Hague Convention Treaty or Inter-American Convention. If the country is not part of any treaty then you will need to go through the U.S. State Department. This process is what we refer to as “formal method”.
An informal method will be to use a local process server in that country or to fed/ex or mail the legal documents abroad. We do not recommend “informal” service of process unless your Judge specifically has approved it in advance. Also, “informal” service should never be used in the event you will want to collect on the monetary judgment entered in your favor.
Additional questions on this subject should be referred to an attorney.

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