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We can get your papers served using the Hague!

You can serve legal documents using the Hague in more than 90 countries, our team of experienced and dedicated legal specialist is here to help.

The full list of countries in The Hague Convention are listed below. We also have dozens of case studies of successful international cases we have completed. If you would like more information on getting your papers served internationally please give us a call, email or chat today!

Languages of the world!

We can translate and certify over 100 languages

The Language of France
The Language of Russia
The Language of Italy
The Language of China
The Language of Brazil
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Process and Legal Documentation

The Process

International Service Made Easy!

Once your firm has decided to move forward, the process is straight forward. You will provide the documents that need to be served in a foreign country. If needed the documents will go through the translation process. If not then the team will complete your application and get it ready for shipment!

Successful International Services



Below are the most frequently asked questions

Yes, you may contact JPS anytime at Global@JudicialSupport.com or (305) 347-3353. Status inquiries will be responded to within 48 hours.
It is always best to email us directly since we will have to review your file in order to provide the most current update.

The Central Authority is that office designated by the Government to process your international request for service.

When serving a business or individual in a foreign country — you must first see what treaty applies to that country — Hague Convention Treaty or Inter-American Convention. If the country is not part of any treaty then you will need to go through the U.S. State Department. This process is what we refer to as “formal method”.
An informal method will be to use a local process server in that country or to fed/ex or mail the legal documents abroad. We do not recommend “informal” service of process unless your Judge specifically has approved it in advance. Also, “informal” service should never be used in the event you will want to collect on the monetary judgment entered in your favor.
Additional questions on this subject should be referred to an attorney.

When serving legal documents abroad — generally the attorney or pro se litigant will file a package of documents with the Court. This exact same set of documents is served abroad.

Even if the defendant speaks English you still need to translate the documents in order for the Central Authority to review the documentation in their own language. If the documents are not translated then the Central Authority will return the entire package and you begin the process again once the documents have been translated. This will delay the entire process.

When serving documents in another country you must translate those pleadings into the official language of that country. Even if the defendant speaks English you still need to translate the documents in order for the Central Authority to review the documentation in their own language.

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