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You provide us with an individual’s name and we will provide social security number, date of birth, present and last known address, business affiliations, known aliases, family members, registration and ownership of vehicles, civil and criminal information, workers compensation history, prior and pending lawsuits, divorce records, property records, UCC filings, federal tax liens and any further information you may require.

Information is obtained by both public and private sources and field investigation is also conducted to determine the subject’s character and reputation.

Industry Leading Agency

Industry Leading Agency

We are an industry leader in legal solutions!

Award-Winning Agency

Award-Winning Agency

We are an award-winning legal support agency, 2 years running

Delivered Report

Delivered Report

All background checks are conducted by licensed investigators

More than 10,000 Companies Trust Judicial Process & Support for better Background Checks

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The Advantages Of Using
Judicial Process & Support

The Old Way
  • Slow system
  • Million of pieces of bad data
  • Bad data leads to bad results
  • Increased EEOC scrutiny and lawsuits
  • Lack of reporting
The Judicial Way
Fast, Accurate Business Judicial Results
Fast, Accurate Results

Our results come fast, and directly from a seasoned investigator. Over the last 20 years in business, JPS has learned that reputation is everything so trust in us that we can get it done!

Confidential Legal Services

Our in-house investigators are highly-trained on handling sensitive client data. Security and privacy are important to us.

Award-Winning Agency
Award-Winning Agency

Judicial Process & Support record in client satisfaction, accurate, reliable data, and continuous innovation lead to us being an award-winning legal services company.



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